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that jazz feeling

I am currently babysitting a 2 1/2 year old and am drowning in Spongebob Squarepants videos and Cheetos dust.   I love the kid (and we are having a blast, honestly), but I can only watch so many technicolor cartoons before my eyes start to ache.  Charles Mingus, thank you for providing this five minutes of solace.

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Ween – Mutilated Lips



Ween can be a difficult band to just sit down and enjoy.  They have some seriously strange tunes.  But I love this one, for some reason.

Old Days of Vinyl

Yesterday, I got the bug to go through some of my old vinyl records.  I had piles of them stacked around my house and thought I should organize them into a small, neat area of my living room.   Every time I organize my record collection, I find myself dreaming about past trips to the record store where the only goal for hours was to find the jem hidden among the throw-aways.  I have had many adventures of hunting through the aisles for the perfect seventy-five cent, dust-covered album, and have the large stacks of musty LPs to show my success. 

Then I came across this cartoon on http://thoughtballoonhelium.blogspot.com/ today, and it just seemed appropriate to post it and share some vinyl love.   

I have every intention of going home tonight and continuing my foray into my vinyl organizing.  Sometimes, there is no better evening than settling in, putting on a slightly-scratched record, pouring yourself a lowball amaretto, and reminiscing on the memories while the turn table crackles and pops its way into your consciousness.

Mason Jennings – The Field


Every time I hear this song, it makes my eyes get teary.  Its an emotional song about grief, loss, and love.  With a side of politics thrown in.  Grab a kleenex and enjoy.

Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi


There is just something epic about this song.  I can’t stop listening to it.  Enjoy with me!