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I have a real affinity for Brian Andreas’s artwork.  Four of his pieces are hanging in my dining room right now (they make for lovely dinner conversation).  If you have never seen his StoryPeople prints before, check them out.

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Before Dawn

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Flying Woman

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Kindred Spirits

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Leaving Pieces

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I recently realized, after having loaned out one of my favorite books (Slaughterhouse-Five), that not everyone has read something written by Kurt Vonnegut.  Besides being one of the most intriguing writers to have graced the planet, he was also a pretty skilled print artist and a member of the ACLU.  Plus, he was pretty photogenic.

I guess what I am saying is that you need to read some of his stuff.  I highly recommend starting with some of his short stories collections – Welcome to the Monkey House or A Man Without A Country.

If you are already a Vonnegut fan, please know that I think you are awesome. Lets get together and chat about him sometime, yes?