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For The Rainy, Lazy Days

Its damp, cold, and dreary in my part of the world today.  I do believe it is the perfect day to be sitting inside doing laundry and baking.  Which is exactly what I am doing right now (or, taking a break from doing).   And just in case you are interested, here are the tunes I have blasting through my laptop speakers.

1. Will Do – TV On The Radio

2. Pagan Poetry – Bjork

3. Lights Out – Sonic Youth

4. Into My Arms – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

5. The Last High – The Dandy Warhols

6. St. Peter’s Cathedral – Death Cab for Cutie

7. Pancho Villa – Sun Kil Moon

8. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep – The Cure

9. The Book of Love – The Magnetic Fields

10. All Mine – Portishead


Ohh, I think this just might be a perfect day.


Thought for today

There really isn’t much more to say than this today.  I probably am a bit odd.  But I think every one is, at least a little bit.  Especially when no one else is watching.  That’s when we all let our freak flags fly.  So let’s celebrate it, shall we?

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that jazz feeling

I am currently babysitting a 2 1/2 year old and am drowning in Spongebob Squarepants videos and Cheetos dust.   I love the kid (and we are having a blast, honestly), but I can only watch so many technicolor cartoons before my eyes start to ache.  Charles Mingus, thank you for providing this five minutes of solace.

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A Memory of the Future

flesh touches flesh
dancing fingertips
brushing across lips
into the creases
and over the scars

If I could be anywhere else…

This is where I would be.  Right now.

Taken just outside of Carmel, CA.