A Pretty Darn Good Day (and also, Amnesia Moon).

Sometimes, you just have a good day.  For no reason in particular, nothing especially great happens or any amazing event occurs that is of note.  Sometimes, the day just feels ‘right’.  Today was like that for me.  Those are kind of nice.

I am reading Amnesia Moon by Jonathan Lethem right now, and am about halfway through it.  It’s pretty dang good.  I have read a few of his books, and I am finding a deep respect for his take on science fiction.  I loved Girl In Landscape immediately and was drawn in by his fascinating characters and descriptive surroundings.

Jonathan Lethem

Anyways, I went to the beach on my lunch break today to read more of Amnesia Moon, and while I was sitting on the park bench, I had this sudden thought of ‘wow, this is a really great day’.  Like I mentioned, nothing particularly fabulous happened today that should have brought this thought on.  But it seemed like a thought that shouldn’t be wasted.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to share a good feeling with others.  I hope your day was as ‘uneventful but marvelous’ as mine.

Also, go pick up a copy of Amnesia Moon.  Because, why not?  Maybe it will make your day great too.

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