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Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi


There is just something epic about this song.  I can’t stop listening to it.  Enjoy with me!



Tell me the truth: is it love or just madness?

She turned around and hurried away, shoving her hands in her pockets to control her fidgeting fingers.  Her face was burning red, but she couldn’t – wouldn’t – let him see it.

“It will be OK, it’s better this way” she told herself.  She repeated this mantra over and over, trying to convince herself of its truth.

It didn’t feel right.  The conversation had taken a turn when he confessed his true feelings for her, but it felt like a put-on.  None of it felt real,  and she was forced to admit to herself that it was time to end it.

“I don’t know how to make this work anymore”.  That was the last thing she was able to speak out loud before she choked on her tears and turned away from him.

It was going to be okay after all, but it would take some time for her to see it that way.  What she needed at that point was a hug from her best girlfriend, a tall glass of wine, and some space to figure out who she was again.  She would be whole someday.  And it would be better than it ever was.

Sea of Love – Cat Power

This song makes me melt.

Motto of the Day

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Living Apart Together

Have you heard of this? 

This is exactly what I want for my life.  For anyone who knows me, I have been preaching about Living Apart Together for years.  Until recently, I didn’t realize it was actually a thing.  I just thought I was weird because I don’t want to share my space with anyone on a consistent basis.  Blame it on being an only child if you must, but in my 20-something years on this earth, I have never had a desire to live with anyone else.  Yes, I had the occasional roommate(s) that are required of the college-age student, but since owning my own home, the idea of living with anyone else is terrifying.  I can’t imagine having someone there with me, every day, with no space of my own to just ‘do my own thing’.  Plus, I like my routine, and don’t particularly want anyone else there to muck it up. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I would very much like to find someone to share my life with who can handle all my weirdness and actually likes it.  But I don’t feel the need to have to be with this person all the time, especially going to bed and waking up with them every day.  No thanks.  Just give me space.

jan gabrielle hennig

Just leave me to live with my cats and patio garden and converted garage/art studio in peace.  Feel free to visit often, bring me flowers, and stay occasionally.  But no more than that, please. 


Talk later!