Daily Archives: 03/26/2012

…Now had become Eternity

Do you ever get stuck on something and just can’t seem to get it out of your head?

I am sure I am not the only one…right?

Recently, I have been re-reading tons of short stories by my favorite authors (see here) and I decided to pick up Bradbury Stories.  It is a supremely comprehensive collection of some of Ray Bradbury’s best works that I recommend to anyone interested in digging into his stuff.

But one piece in particular sticks in my thoughts, and every time I re-read it, I can’t stop mulling it over.  The story is called ‘And The Sailor, Home From The Sea’.  I won’t bore you with a plot recap (just go check it out for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed), but there is one line in particular that just eats away at me.

“Not a rat-scurry of rope, not a whisper of canvas, not a rustle of naked feet on the deck.  The ship was spelled for certain.  It was as if the moon rising had said a single silver word: Peace.

The men, fastened to their stations by the incantation of the word, did not turn when the captain moved to the rail with his wife and sensed that Now had become Eternity.”

I haven’t figured out exactly what it is that I love about that passage, but there is something serene about it.  It makes me feel calm.

My intention isn’t to wax poetic about the genius of his work  – though it is inarguably some of the best science fiction/fantasy you will ever come across.  More than anything, I just find it curious that one little fragment of one of his hundreds of stories would stick in my mind the way that this one does.

I think this is normal, right?